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The Boiling Point: "Do you dare enter the Right-Wing Rhetoric Zone?" (Picture 277 of 277)

Do you dare enter the Right-Wing Rhetoric Zone? This cartoon is about something that makes me really angry: how much conservatives (especially on the Harvard campus) like to portray themselves as some kind of oppressed minority courageously battling against The Powers that Be (can we say: David Horowitz?). Those Powers, of course, are the legions of politically correct demagogues who are holding the rest of the country hostage to their freakish obsessions with race, gender, sexuality and class.

To give a specific example, Harvard's Republican Club and Jews for Conservative Politics actually had a Conservative Coming Out party where they ate steak and apple pie and complained about how hard it was to be right-wing. As the article reported, "The dinner was a forum for students to openly confess their conservative political viewpoints in a supportive environment." I'm not making this up.

I would like to add that my dad is a huge fan of the old Twilight Zone and knows every episode by heart. (Made 4/21/99)

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