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The Boiling Point: "Roving Reporter: Katrina Losses" (Picture 103 of 277)

Roving Reporter: Katrina Losses So say you're a crapbag excuse for a president who was playing air guitar and eating birthday cake while thousands of people drowned, many of them black and poor. And say you didn't really do a heckuva a job getting them jobs or rebuilding their homes. And say it's a year later, and you want to reach out to them and show them you care, you understand, you really understand? How do you express your loss to all these (largely black and poor) victims?

By talking about how much you miss Senator Trent Lott's porch. You know, the Senator who had to step down as majority leader because he longed for the days of Strom Thurmond, segregation and lynching? And I quote:

"It's hard to describe the devastation down here," he said. "It was massive in its destruction, and it spared nobody. U.S. Sen. Trent Lott had a fantastic house overlooking the bay. I know because I sat in it with he and his wife. And now it's completely obliterated. There's nothing...."

Because nothing says "I feel your pain" like longing for racist lemonade. Meanwhile Lott is sitting pretty in the Senate and living in his other house, while Katrina's real victims are stuck in trailers.

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