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The Boiling Point: "NYPD Infiltrates Knitting Grannies for Peace" (Picture 65 of 277)

NYPD Infiltrates Knitting Grannies for Peace It came out in the New York Times last week that the NYPD spent tons of time and money placing spies in non-violent peace groups around the country before the 2004 RNC. The cartoon was inspired by this bit:
Marco Ceglie, who performs as Monet Oliver dePlace in Billionaires for Bush, said he had suspected that the group was under surveillance by federal agents — not necessarily police officers — during weekly meetings in a downtown loft and at events around the country in the summer of 2004.

"It was a running joke that some of the new faces were 25- to 32-year-old males asking, ‘First name, last name?’ " Mr. Ceglie said. "Some people didn’t care; it bothered me and a couple of other leaders, but we didn’t want to make a big stink because we didn’t want to look paranoid. We applied to the F.B.I. under the Freedom of Information Act to see if there’s a file, but the answer came back that ‘we cannot confirm or deny.’ "

(Made 3_29_07)

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