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The Boiling Point: "New York vs. Boston: The New Rivalry" (Picture 48 of 277)

New York vs. Boston: The New Rivalry

Forget Red Sox vs. Yankees, which city is more pro-gay?

Text: "Our Pride Parade is bigger than your Pride Parade! Our Dyke March had hotter drag kings than your Dyke March! Governor Deval Patrick is so pro-gay he squashed an anti-gay marriage bill! Governor Spitzter is so pro-gay he wrote his own marriage bill! Your ex-governor Mitt Romney is such a gay-hater he'd appoint Jerry Falwell's corpse vice-president! Your Current State Senate buried gay marriage deeper than Dick Cheney's bunker! Yeah, well, your... Oh, I'm SO SORRY. I'll have to excuse myself to take this phone call from my lawfully wedded wife! Come on New York, step it up!"

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