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The Boiling Point: "Facial Paralysis for Fun & Profit!: Color Version" (Picture 273 of 277)

Facial Paralysis for Fun & Profit!: Color Version By the time you read this, the FDA may already have approved Botox for cosmetic use. I'm not making this up--wealthy women (and men) are paying thousands to have their facial muscles frozen (which makes their wrinkles appear to disappear)... the treatment has to be repeated every 3 months or so, or the face returns to its normal expressive state. Movie directors complain that many actresses are now incapable of... acting! But these are the same directors who only want to hire young smoothfaced anorexic women in the first place... sigh. But in case you ever wondered why news anchors have such an uncanny ability not to smirk or frown even at the most hilarious or serious news items... Botox is why! (Made 2/11/02)

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