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The Boiling Point: "Firm Resolve" (Picture 23 of 277)

Firm Resolve

Dialogue: Any resolutions for the new year? Sure! I resolve that there will be world peace and universal health care! I resolve that an alien lizard queen will carry Bush, Cheney and Condi away in her food processing ship! I resolve that the entire GOP presidential field will melt into puddles of barely sentient goo! Got anything less... idealistic? I resolve to replace our TV next time I throw a brick at it.

Words: President George W. Bush, Dubya, Bush administration, Vice President Richard Cheney, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Condi, GOP, Republicans, conservatives, right-wing, cartoons, humor, politics, political cartoons, progressive, anti-Bush, liberal, left-wing, left, couple, husband, wife, TV, television, aliens, science fiction, new year's resolutions, new year, holiday, healthcare, universal health care, war, elections

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