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The Boiling Point: "A Tale of Two Mitts!" (Picture 27 of 277)

A Tale of Two Mitts! Fun fact: Mitt Romney may be the MOST virulently antigay candidate for President (with the possible exception of Mike Huckabee), but this is a guy who used to campaign in GAY BARS and won the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans of Massachusetts in 2002 for promising to never oppose marriage equality. He's also the most anti-abortion candidate in the race, even though he promised Massachusetts he was prochoice.

Dialogue: Boston, 2002: Wouldbe governor Romney is about to make a campaign stop at a gay bar. Pencil me in for that pro-choice luncheon! Suddenly: No! Jiminy Cricket-You're me! I come from 2007! You must stop all this homo-loving nonsense or youĐIĐmight NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT! But if I don't play ally to those marriage-wreckers, I'll never become governorĐand you won't get to run for President at all! Gasp! It's a political PARADOX! TIme for Plan B! Arkansas, 1955: Huckabee Home. And STAY out of politics!

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