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The Boiling Point: "Egg Rescue Squad: Defending Microscopic Americans Everywhere!" (Picture 28 of 277)

Egg Rescue Squad: Defending Microscopic Americans Everywhere! Inspired by a proposed law in Colorado giving Constitutional rights to human eggs.

Dialogue: Antichoicers want to give fertilized eggs legal rights—but only ONE group has the SKILLS and COURAGE to defend those rights! Captain SuperOva briefs his men at Eggquarters. "So I was bombing this IVF clinic and some nurse tries to—" "Brrrring!" "What's that? A MENSTRUAL MASSACRE?! To the Eggmobile!" Later... "Isn't it true that there's a tiny INNOCENT citizen on this tampon you were about to FLUSH..." "An ova that YOUR uterus cruelly refused to implant?" "No, I'm on the Pill, I—" "You mean the Sperm Murder Pill? You'll NEVER hard another Microscopic American ever again—thanks the the power of EGG RESCUE SQUAD!"

Words: sperm; egg; ova; sex cell; fertilized egg; Colorado; anti-abortion; abortion; reproductive rights; planned parenthood; choice; antichoice; law; constiutional rights; period; menstruation; maxi pad; sanitary pad; tampon; woman; women's issues; humor; cartoons; political; feminist; feminism; women; superheroes; comics; costumes; tights; spandex, action, adventure, blood, uterus, ovaries

Out now! | "ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT MIKHAELA!" by Mikhaela Reid, with foreword by Ted Rall. Buy now at:

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