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The Boiling Point: "Resegregation Nation: The Proud Future of American Education" (Picture 47 of 277)

Resegregation Nation: The Proud Future of American Education

All you closet Klansmen out there, you would-be Bull O'Connors and George Wallaces, listen up: it is officially time to party! Get out your balloons and confetti, and iron your best white robes, because the Bush Supreme Court has officially declared that racial integration and diversity DON'T MATTER AT ALL. The Bush court says that not only is segregation totally cool (as long as it's the "natural" result of segregated housing areas), it's actively RACIST to oppose segregation. Why? Because racial diversity is AGAINST the spirit of Brown vs. Board of Education.

Yes, that's right--it's against the spirit of the decision that made it possible for children of all colors to go to school together to encourage children of all colors to go to school together. The only way to avoid racism is to DENY it and ignore it and NOT DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT. That's what being "colorblind" is all about!

As an NAACP spokesperson I just saw on the Newshour With Jim Lehrer said, it doesn't get much more Orwellian than this. This is Civil Rights Lite to the extreme. Hence the vigorous dissent:

[Souter] said the chief justiceŐs invocation of Brown v. Board of Education was "a cruel irony" when the opinion in fact "rewrites the history of one of this courtŐs most important decisions" by ignoring the context in which it was issued and the Supreme CourtŐs subsequent understanding of it to permit voluntary programs of the sort that were now invalidated.

I was particularly horrified by the anti-integration argument that many parents "don't want this" ("this", presumably, being the horror of their children going to school with black kids). Well, lots of bigots and ignoramuses protested school integration back in the day because they didn't want it, either--that didn't make them RIGHT. That was the whole POINT of Brown vs. Board!

Finally, while we're on the topic of Brown vs. Board of Education, this is particularly bad timing, because I just did a dystopian cartoon for Lambda Legal wondering "What would life be like without integrated schools?"

Prepare to find out. And God Bless Our Colorblind America, where the playing field is level, everyone has an equal chance, and white kids can just learn about colored folks on their Tee-Vees!

Text: John G. Roberts, Jr. Elementary School; The Jim Crow Max Security Educational Facility. Just think, Pearl--if it weren't for the landmark Supreme Court resegregation decision of 2007, our little pumpkin might face the BRUTAL racist discrimination of being forced to go to school with those people!

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