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The Boiling Point: "Alberto Gonzales's Civil Right's Lite!" (Picture 50 of 277)

Alberto Gonzales's Civil Right's Lite! Now with 99% less: hate crimes prosecution, voting rights enforcement and police brutality investigations! Super-Action-Packed with Loyal Bushies! Justice Department Makeover!

Out now! | "ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT MIKHAELA!" by Mikhaela Reid, with foreword by Ted Rall. Buy now at:

Book tour dates | June 22: NYC @ 7 pm, Think Coffee (w/ Jessica Valenti and Amber Madison); July 7: DC @ 2 p.m. (w/Ted Rall, Keith Knight, Ruben Bolling, Stephanie McMillan & more!); Sept. 28: Boston (Details TBA) Join my weekly update list by sending a blank message to!

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