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The Boiling Point
Below is the Mikhaela Reid political cartoon archive 1999-2008. Current archive is on Flickr. (...more info...)

Rich folks are feeling the recession -- just like us!

Americans Go Splurge-Crazy With Their Stimulus Checks!

Again. And Again. And Again... (Sean Bell)

The Joys of Tax Time

The brighter side of the Mortgage Crisis

When Good First Dates Go Bad

Why it's Called the 'Straight' Talk Express

President Huckabee

A heartwarming holiday moment

Misunderstood Craft Projects

Egg Rescue Squad: Defending Microscopic Americans Everywhere!

Totally Safe American Toys!

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2007

Larry Craig's not the only Republican who Is totally 'Not Gay'!

Your Yucky Body: Why You Need a Mommy Job!

Bush's Bedside Manner

The Benefits of Bed Bugs

News Break

The New & Improved Wall Street Journal

American Health Care, Envy of the World!

Dick Cheney's Magical Universe: Sweet Scootie-Pants Goes Free!

Resegregation Nation: The Proud Future of American Education

And the Bigot Pride March Goes On: Joe Bruno

Subway Fare Nostalgia

Welcome, Guest Workers!

War Marketeers!

Confessions of a Closet Conservationist!

The First Sticky Subway Seat of Spring!

All I really need to know I learned in Abstinence-Only Education!

City Dwellers Against Congestion Pricing!

NYPD Infiltrates Knitting Grannies for Peace

Supporting the Troops: The Bush Way

The Hate Report

Rev. Ted Haggard's Ex-Gay Revolution

Personal Anti-Immigration Wall

Dick Cheney's Magic Universe

Gold-Plated Health Insurance

Iraq Surge: Escalate Your War to the Extreme!

Superhot Stories of 2007!

Susie Poorman's SAD Money: Holiday Tips

Mary Cheney's Baby Shower

Holiday Gifts for Defeated Republicans

50 Shots

Trent Lott gives Kramer a pep talk

Fallen Republican Heroes

The Election Morning After

The exhibits Hell House leaves out

Not-so-sweet dreams

Real Estate Within Reach

Gay Divorcees

Advances in Skinny Jean Technology

Christie Whitman and George Bush comforting the heroes of Sept. 11

Joe Jokes!

What to Expect When You're Pre-expecting

Mr. Bush's Cryogenically Frozen Friendship Hour

Ask Ann Coulter

Bigot Proud

The Dire Consequences of Not Enacting An English-Only Law

Conversations Bush WON'T Listen In On

Conservative Children's Classics

Conservative Spring Fashion: Guzzle-icious!

It's My Religion!

Citizens against earned citizenship

Dick Cheney, Ace Reporter!

Stop Republican Adoption!

Have you heard the one about the gay cowboys?

The Next Fake Memories Scandal

2005 in review

Vegan Terrorists Thwarted

Quick and Easy Guide to Conservation

Your Yucky Body: A Repair Manual

Let Them Eat Toxic Sludge!


Emergency Contraception Bill Veto Funnies

Santorum Knows Best

How Not to be a Terror Suspect

Teaching (In)Tolerance

Fear Factors

Inside the Sick World of a Serial Bomber

It's Not Torture if You Serve Rice Pilaf

Newsweek: The Real Killers

Profiles in Conservative Courage: Mitt Mulls...

Profiles in Conservative Courage: Fired-Up Frist

Gay Republican Funnies

Profiles in Conservative Courage: Pharmacist Phil

Republican Respect for Life

Good News!


Not-So-Great Moments in Black History

BrickBob Gaybash!

The Saved Children

So Awful

Cakewalk Comics

Patriotism, Pentagon-Style

Well, Wasn't That Fun?

Four More Years: Protection

Four More Years: The Economy

Cheney stands for Charming

Election Time in Afghanistan

Ownership Society!

New Yorkers: An RNC field guide

Another Scandal

(please don't) BE SCARED

Independence Play

Other Memories

Make it Stop.

Counting Game

Melba and Me

Clarity in a time of Confusion!

The Most Precious Gift of All

Multiple Choice Mitt

The Lesson Plan

The Uniter Speaks

The Brighter Side of Long-Term Unemployment

Strange, but true...

Slippery Slope!


Progress! ... sort of.

Tom Finneran, House-Speaker-for-Life

A tax by any other name...

What if... Bush actually gave press conferences?

Dr. Mitt's Budget Revolution.

Bush Takes a Stand on Racism!

Sink or Swim: Florida Fun for Haitian Refugees!

Teach Yourself U.S. Government Euphemism!


Back to School with John Silber

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor... (sort of)

GOP Spin Cycle.

Is the Class Half Full or Half Empty?

Leadership Lessons With Larry.

Eviction Notice.

Six Months Since 9/11

It's a bird, it's a plane... it's SuperBush!

Exoticism the Barbie Way.

The Modesty Craze.

Do you dare enter the Right-Wing Rhetoric Zone?

(Updated Weekly) These cartoons are in reverse chronological order. Strips before January 2003 were mostly done for my college paper, the Harvard Crimson. Let me know if you want to be notified by email when a new cartoon appears.
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