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The Boiling Point
Below is the Mikhaela Reid political cartoon archive 1999-2008. Current archive is on Flickr. (...more info...)

Rich folks are feeling the recession -- just like us!

Hipster Hobbies of Tomorrow

Again. And Again. And Again... (Sean Bell)

More Nasty Text Messages (from the mayor of Detroit)

More Citizens Against Congestion Pricing!

A few reasons why (we need a transgender rights bill)

If Bush Hadn't Been Born Rich

Shedding Tears for Sheriff Spitzer

When Good First Dates Go Bad

Future Stimulus Packages

Why it's Called the 'Straight' Talk Express

President Huckabee

How Was Your Holiday?

Firm Resolve

Misunderstood Craft Projects

Egg Rescue Squad: Defending Microscopic Americans Everywhere!

Totally Safe American Toys!

Barney Frank and the Slippery Split-ENDA Slope

That'll Teach Those Tots a Lesson!

Your Yucky Body: Why You Need a Mommy Job!

When Opposites Attract

News Break

The New & Improved Wall Street Journal

American Health Care, Envy of the World!

Dick Cheney's Magical Universe: Sweet Scootie-Pants Goes Free!

Welcome, Guest Workers!

The Afterlife Adventures of Jerry Falwell

Confessions of a Closet Conservationist!

The First Sticky Subway Seat of Spring!

Here Comes the Lesbian Bride, Sort Of!

Shock Prez Fired For Offensive Actions!

Art of the (Non)Apology

NYPD Infiltrates Knitting Grannies for Peace

The Softer Side of the Credit Card Industry

Sgt. Dobson's Fundamentalist Boot Camp

New NYC Condoms

Personal Anti-Immigration Wall

Dick Cheney's Magic Universe

Iraq Surge: Escalate Your War to the Extreme!

Susie Poorman's SAD Money: Holiday Tips

President Giuliani: The Early Years

Holiday Gifts for Defeated Republicans

Trent Lott gives Kramer a pep talk

Pelosi and Bush Talk Serious Business

Real Estate Within Reach

The Pink Path to 911

Quick & Easy Guide to Why You Love Fascism!

Roving Reporter: Katrina Losses

Bride vs. Bride

What Global Warming?

Condi Rice presents the Brighter Side of Middle East Violence

What to Expect When You're Pre-expecting

Failed Recruiting Slogans

Ask Ann Coulter

Bigot Proud

Milly Jones: America-Hating PR Representative

Your Yucky Body: Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

The Dire Consequences of Not Enacting An English-Only Law

Youth Pride, Romney-Style

Conversations Bush WON'T Listen In On

Conservative Children's Classics

Separate but Equal: The Sequel

Citizens against earned citizenship

Operation Heterosexual Freedom: Unadoption Mission

Stop Republican Adoption!

Dr. Alito's Second Opinion

Have you heard the one about the gay cowboys?

The Next Fake Memories Scandal

Talking Doll

Fightin' Bill O'Reilly brings the horror in A Christmas Battle

It's Not Easy Being a College Gay-Hater!

How tax cuts for the rich can help YOU!

Abstinence Education

Asking for It

Let Them Eat Toxic Sludge!

The Pep Talk

Gay Science

The Brighter Side of a Bush Supreme Court

It's Not Torture if You Serve Rice Pilaf

Now dreamier than ever!


Obscene Literature

Newsweek: The Real Killers

Attack of the Gay Sperm

Profiles in Conservative Courage: Mitt Mulls...

Gay Republican Funnies

Breakup Lines for the Bush Era

Republican Respect for Life

Good News!

How to be a Hard-Hitting Journalist

Not-So-Great Moments in Black History

BrickBob Gaybash!

Inauguration Fun

The Saved Children

Medical Malpractice

Damn those pesky civil rights victories!

Well, Wasn't That Fun?

Cheney stands for Charming

Election Time in Afghanistan

Four More Years: The Supreme Court

Four More Years: The Environment

New Yorkers: An RNC field guide

Democratic Unity

Operation Heterosexual Freedom

Other Memories

Crying at Weddings

Make it Stop.

Counting Game

Haitian Worries

Clarity in a time of Confusion!

Science Hour with Dr. Mitt

Great Resolve

The Brighter Side of Long-Term Unemployment

Mission Accomplished

Sodomy Ruling Funnies

Where I Get it From


Return of the Roving Reporter

Black History Month Moment #371

What if... Bush actually gave press conferences?

Dr. Mitt's Budget Revolution.

2002: What a Year!

Trent toasts Strom Part 1 and Part 2...

Shallow Grave

Dream Date Mitt!

Leadership Lessons With Larry.

Eviction Notice.

What's in a name?

Six Months Since 9/11

History Lessons (on Police Brutality)

Cinderella and Prince Charming: A Welfare Reform Fairy Tale

Facial Paralysis for Fun & Profit!: Color Version

The Modesty Craze.


(Updated Weekly) These cartoons are in reverse chronological order. Strips before January 2003 were mostly done for my college paper, the Harvard Crimson. Let me know if you want to be notified by email when a new cartoon appears.
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