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The Boiling Point
Below is the Mikhaela Reid political cartoon archive 1999-2008. Current archive is on Flickr. (...more info...)

Rich folks are feeling the recession -- just like us!

Hipster Hobbies of Tomorrow

Americans Go Splurge-Crazy With Their Stimulus Checks!

City Bike Safety Essentials

Primary Fever

More Citizens Against Congestion Pricing!

A few reasons why (we need a transgender rights bill)

Our Sexy President

When Good First Dates Go Bad

Casualties of the Primary Wars

Why it's Called the 'Straight' Talk Express

President Huckabee

Firm Resolve

Mitt vs. Mike: Extreme Godmania Showdown!

Misunderstood Craft Projects

A Tale of Two Mitts!

Egg Rescue Squad: Defending Microscopic Americans Everywhere!

Totally Safe American Toys!

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2007

Badly Needed Jamming Devices

Noble Failed Costumes

Barney Frank and the Slippery Split-ENDA Slope

That'll Teach Those Tots a Lesson!

Larry Craig's not the only Republican who Is totally 'Not Gay'!

Bush's Bedside Manner

Regrettable Wedding Trends

Karl Rove Goes Into Teaching

Your Yucky Body: Disgusting Diet Directions!

The New & Improved Wall Street Journal

American Health Care, Envy of the World!

Dick Cheney's Magical Universe: Sweet Scootie-Pants Goes Free!

New York vs. Boston: The New Rivalry

And the Bigot Pride March Goes On: Joe Bruno

Alberto Gonzales's Civil Right's Lite!

Of Legacies and Loving

Subway Fare Nostalgia

Welcome, Guest Workers!

Confessions of a Closet Conservationist!

Here Comes the Lesbian Bride, Sort Of!

Art of the (Non)Apology

Operation Solar Freedom

Transgender Workplace Discrimination

The Addict & The Enabler

The Hate Report

Personal Anti-Immigration Wall

Gold-Plated Health Insurance

A Bush tribute to MLK, Jr.

Superhot Stories of 2007!

Mary Cheney's Baby Shower

President Giuliani: The Early Years

50 Shots

Trent Lott gives Kramer a pep talk

Pelosi and Bush Talk Serious Business

It's hard out there for a gay Republican

More Naughty Republican Messages

Real Estate Within Reach

Gay Divorcees

The Pink Path to 911

Bride vs. Bride

What Global Warming?

Condi Rice presents the Brighter Side of Middle East Violence

Car Confessions (or: Mitt Romney makes like Mel Gibson)

Mr. Bush's Cryogenically Frozen Friendship Hour

Failed Recruiting Slogans

Milly Jones: America-Hating PR Representative

Your Yucky Body: Summer Swimsuit Spectacular

Conversations Bush WON'T Listen In On

Conservative Children's Classics

It's My Religion!

Separate but Equal: The Sequel

Citizens against earned citizenship

Dr. Alito's Second Opinion

Too Darn Healthy

Mitt Romney's Real State of the State

The Next Fake Memories Scandal

It's Not Easy Being a College Gay-Hater!

How tax cuts for the rich can help YOU!

Dick Cheney's Guide to Solving Problems with Torture

Adventures in Republican Logic

What's Your Fantasy?

Quick and Easy Guide to Conservation

Abstinence Education

The Brighter Side of Hurricane Katrina


Santorum Knows Best

How Not to be a Terror Suspect

Teaching (In)Tolerance

Now dreamier than ever!


Obscene Literature

Newsweek: The Real Killers

Attack of the Gay Sperm

Profiles in Conservative Courage: Mitt Mulls...

Personal Economic Indicators

Breakup Lines for the Bush Era

Republican Respect for Life

Good News!


BrickBob Gaybash!

The Saved Children

So Awful

Queer Holiday Moment #412

Damn those pesky civil rights victories!

A really sick joke

Well, Wasn't That Fun?

Four More Years: Protection

Four More Years: The Environment

Ownership Society!

GLBT Voters for Bush

Operation Heterosexual Freedom

Independence Play

Pentagon Memo Comics

Other Memories

Untitled (Liberation)

Irony Deficiency

Crying at Weddings

If You're Not With Us...

Melba and Me

Haitian Worries

Gay Marriage Drove Us to Divorce!

Race for a Cure

440 Who Missed the Photo Op

The Lesson Plan


Letter of the Law

Wartime ABCs, Part One

Practical Uses for Sodomy Laws

The Harsh Realities of War

Tom Finneran, House-Speaker-for-Life

Black History Month Moment #371

What if... Bush actually gave press conferences?

Bush Takes a Stand on Racism!

Teach Yourself U.S. Government Euphemism!

A Case of the Oh-No-Not-Another-Republican-Governor Blues.

The Roving Reporter

Shallow Grave

Dream Date Mitt!

Bitter Pill

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor... (sort of)

GOP Spin Cycle.

Leadership Lessons With Larry.

Eviction Notice.

Compassionate Conservationism.

Cinderella and Prince Charming: A Welfare Reform Fairy Tale

Facial Paralysis for Fun & Profit!: Color Version

It's a bird, it's a plane... it's SuperBush!

Exoticism the Barbie Way.


(Updated Weekly) These cartoons are in reverse chronological order. Strips before January 2003 were mostly done for my college paper, the Harvard Crimson. Let me know if you want to be notified by email when a new cartoon appears.
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